Banana Link

Banana Link is an NGO that has been actively organising and campaigning for over two decades to improve the situation of banana farmers globally.

See their Newsletter here. 

Banana Link has also been actively involved in the Exchange Values project since 1996 through Alistair Smith and Renwick Rose of WINFA.

UOT Lab: University of the Trees

The University of the Trees is an initiative in the field of social sculpture and connective practice. Developed by Shelley Sacks in several different contexts and countries. Ongoing since 2000.
See the ‘history’.

Social Sculpture Research Unit (SSRU)

Social Sculpture Research Unit / SSRU


The Social Sculpture Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University promotes interdisciplinary creativity and connective aesthetics – the relationship between the aesthetic and the ecological, between transformative social process and an ecologically viable future – with a special focus on the development of Joseph Beuys’ ‘social sculpture’ proposals, Schiller’s ‘aesthetic education of the human being’ and on the imaginative capacities needed to work as agents of personal, social and system change.

Social Sculpture refers to an understanding of art as an interdisciplinary and participatory process in which thought, speech and discussion are core materials available to everyone, and all human beings are recognised as artists able to shape a democratic, sustainable social order.

Social sculpture is concerned with creative strategies and new methodologies of engagement. It focuses on our ‘ability-to-respond’ and connect more deeply with the world in which we live. It explores the relationship between:

  •     Imagination and Sustainable Futures
  •     Ethics and Aesthetics
  •     Ecological healing and imaginal work
  •     Functional and the Symbolic
  •     Freedom and Responsibility

Joseph Beuys’ statement that Art=Capital could be restated as Creativity = Capital or Imagination = Capital. It refers to the potential that human beings have to see beyond self-centredness, nationalism and egocentric globalisation and to reshape a society that recognises the interconnectedness of all forms of being.

Social sculpture is about developing a social model in which participatory democracy is an essential aspect of the process towards sustainable, eco-centric futures.

The Social Sculpture Research Unit (SSRU), coordinated by Shelley Sacks, is based within the School of Arts at Oxford Brookes University. The Unit facilitates the practice of, and reflection on social sculpture and related forms of eco-art and art and social process, and has developed a unique research area of international interest.

Current Projects

Activities of the Social Sculpture Research Unit include:

    • Project development: University of the Trees: Lab for New Knowledge and an Eco-Social Future, Earth Forum and Frametalks
    • Organising colloquia, seminars and conferences on aspects of social sculpture and ecological citizenship)
    • Articulating the legacy of Joseph Beuys and his social sculpture ideas in the context of work towards sustainable, eco-centric futures
    • Developing new written material on social sculpture
    • Supervising Doctoral students and offering a Masters programme in Social Sculpture and Connective Practice
    • Engaging in pedagogic research into the teaching of social sculpture and related connective practices
    • Developing networks and social sculpture inspired communities through the project work, publications and social media
    • Initiating and supporting research into social sculpture related topics
    • Contributing to debates and discussions on social sculpture and sustainable futures through lectures, performances, conference presentations and workshops.


If you are interested in the SSRUs work please see our website:

Social Sculpture Research Unit, School of Arts, Oxford Brookes University, Headington, Oxford, OX3 OBP, UK.

Tel: UK (0)1865 484961
E-mail: Shelley Sacks