Social Sculpture Arenas

Work with the ‘invisible materials

Through the integration of the aesthetic and the political, an imaginative space is created in which we can engage with the re-shaping and transforming of our lives and our society, and explore ways to develop a more humane, participatory and ecologically viable society.

This expanded workspace where we work with “the invisible materials” available to us all – “speech, discussion, thought” [Beuys], “values, attitudes, questions and habits of thinking” [Sacks] – where the personal and social imagination moves and weaves, is a creative workspace accessible to all.

Social Sculpture Arenas and the ‘connective practice’ processes enables an experience of this creative agency as an individual and a collective.

First Exchange Values Forum with Farmer Representatives, Nottingham, 1996
First Exchange Values Forum with Farmer Representatives, Nottingham, 1996
Copyright Shelley Sacks, Exchange Values.

In 2018, 22 years after the first forum in UK [1996], Exchange Values on the Table was at the Frans Hals Museum, Netherlands for 6 months. The image shows one of 18 social sculpture organised processes and assemblies in the Exchange Values ‘social sculpture arena’ when Exchange Values on the Table was part of an international exhibition in the Frans Hals Museum/De Hallen about the global food trade and colonialism.

Beyond Monocultures: A one day forum with farmer representatives of the World Banana Forum [WBF], Geneva; a trades union representative from Ecuador, and several Research and Development leads from European Fruit Distributors. With Renwick Rose and Alistair Smith from WBF. Feb 2018, De Hallen.

Exchange Values on the Table: Social Sculpture Process, De Hallen/Frans Hals Museum, Netherlands 2018. Copyright Shelley Sacks, Exchange Values.


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