Transportation from UK or mainland Europe [presently in Germany] and back to UK to mainland Europe, needs to be covered by the venue.

There are 5 wooden crates, the large 5 meter table and 8 benches. The table splits into two halves. Each half is 5 m x 2.5 m and about 20 cms deep. The ‘legs’ are separate. The table and crates fit in a large van that can be driven with a motor-car licence.

Two people are needed to lift the crates.

One crate contains the 20 sheets of skins. This crate cannot be in high temperatures [e.g lying at the docks in a hot country], as the skins are backed with pitch and beeswax, and will melt.

One crate contains the 10000 loose skins.

All the skins were fumigated at the last venue, but might need to be checked and fumigated again.

If transported to countries outside the EU, permits for the skins will probably need to be obtained. This has been done before.


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