Space required

A square space is best.

It works well in a square space of 9 x 9 meters, but this can vary, from between 12 meters square to 20 meters square. Between 12 meters square and 15 meters square is best.

Alternatively, it can be a rectangle. The two shorter sides need to be minimum 9 meters and the longer ones up to 11 meters long.

Exchange Values must have 4 walls, creating a semi-enclosed space. So sometimes a temporary wall needs to be built.

Minimum height of walls: approx 3 metres.

Other points about the space
A semi-enclosed space is best. The 4-walled space needs to have as few entrances and exits as possible. However, with the round table, and the loose, unnumbered skins in the recess in the table, if there is more than one entrance/exit, this is now less critical.

The walls need to be clear. That means – no heaters, handrails, architectural ‘furniture’, minimal visual information, preferably not wallpaper. White is best. Grey or concrete also works.

Floor material is not an issue. But it should be plain, neutral. Not brightly coloured or patterned.

5 power-points in or near space, to plug in 5 small transformers [220 volts].


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