Crates – the dimensions, weight and contents

Crate 1 and 2
2 x 2 metre x 20cms x 25 cms
Approx weight: each long crate 35 kg
Contents: 10 folding metal frames in each crate

Crate 3
1 x 180cms x 60cmc x 50cms
Approx weight: 20 kgs
Contents: black plastic bags filled with dried and cured banana skins
(they have been round the world several times..
with no problems; no different to transporting basketwork)

Crate 4
1 x 60 cms x 80 cms x 50 cms
Approx weight: 35 kgs
Contents: 20 audio cd players, wiring, electrical equipment, 20 metal boxes, metal bolts

Crate 5
1 x flat crate containing 20 stitched ‘pictures’ made of dried banana skin covered in wax.
(These pictures or ‘sheets of skin’ must not be in places that are too hot, because the wax will melt. They are wrapped in plastic and tissue paper in the crate. They are very delicate)


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